Loryma is Creativity.

Solutions for canteen kitchens, gastronomy and event-catering.

The event catering and gastronomy sectors have also seen a growing demand for vegetarian and vegan products. When commercial kitchens want to present a wider menu, their preparation can make the daily workflow unnecessarily difficult.

Our vegetarian and vegan products for gastronomy and commercial kitchens have “a finger firmly on the contemporary pulse”. Asian today, Italian tomorrow? No problem. Send your customers on a culinary trip around the globe. Our portfolio of basic blends opens a world of appetizing possibilities, enabling wholesome meals that vary daily.

Not only your guests will profit from your tasty food – your kitchen personnel will also be thankful. The quick and easy preparation and the long shelf-life of our products fit in smoothly with the daily schedule.

Our vegetarian and vegan products are instantly on-hand, and simple to handle in the kitchen or inventory management. Packaging sizes can be made to order. Did we whet your appetite? You are invited to dine.

Your Advantages

  • Quick and easy preparation, only add water and bring to boil briefly, ready!
  • Always trendy and currant: “vegetarian” & “vegan”
  • Balanced and healthy menu
  • Best Taste
  • Appetising appearance
  • Many diverse and appetising opportunities for your daily offer
  • Easy handling in kitchen and storage
  • Constantly new innovative assortment Ideas
  • Includes advice and support

Texture, Stability, Taste